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Sometimes a client or an advisor will have situations that call for something other than the defined practice of law. In those situations it is important to work with someone who can think outside of the standard answers that are given by others in a given profession or industry. It is this type of thinking and coordination across multiple disciplines which allows the Ziebold Law Group to provide benefits to clients and advisors who need unique solutions.

Estate Planning Attorneys—Many estate planning attorneys are very comfortable doing fundamental estate planning work but feel that they are unequipped to do advanced tax planning. I work with several attorneys who do not have the experience to do advanced estate planning but who are concerned about losing their clients if they bring in other advisors. I can work with you to act as your back office support if you are looking to expand the services that your firm offers. We also work with attorneys who do not hold licenses in California, Arizona or Nevada.

Insurance Advisors—One specialty consulting area involves working with insurance agents to implement advanced life insurance strategies for clients. Many life insurance agents need resources for financing life insurance products and through my relationships with various lending sources I can offer unique financing solutions that are not available in the marketplace.

Multi Family Offices—In some situations a multi family office may not have the need for a full time tax and estate planning attorney on staff, but would like to consult with such an attorney on various client matters. If you operate a family office then feel free to contact me to discuss how we can develop a mutually beneficial relationship.

Do you have a consulting need outside the scope of this section? If so, do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your unique situation.


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