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The Ziebold Law Group offers the following client services in relation to the practice of law:

Estate Planning—Many people have questions about the estate planning process and what is right for their situation. Often individuals and couples wonder about whether they need a will, trust, or both and how our services can really help them fulfill their goals. In addition to the documents, people also have anxiety about how to title assets, keeping the family peace after they pass away, and how to ensure that their minor children will always be taken care of by trusted guardians. The Ziebold Law Group is committed to spending the necessary time with each and every client to answer these questions, and to ensure that when you are finished with the process, that you are satisfied that the planning will meet your goals in the future.

High Net Worth Planning—Many high net worth individuals need ongoing help with regard to their operating businesses, charitable endeavors, and ongoing tax planning. Often these types of clients will only spend a few hours a year or less with their CPA and attorney. It is a major focus of the Ziebold Law Group to offer concierge planning services to high net worth individuals to ensure that their wealth is preserved and protected throughout their lifetimes. These services include coordination with the client's team of advisors, developing a comprehensive plan of action for one, five, and ten year periods, implementing that plan with the advisor team and having quarterly or more frequent meetings with the client to determine the progress of the planning.

Charitable Planning—In many situations clients will want to do more than just give a gift of money or assets to a charity. Sometimes the client will want to create a private foundation that can be used for both lifetime gifting and teaching charitable ideals to their children. Other clients may want to use a gift to a charity to reduce taxes or create a charitable remainder trust to provide an income stream to themselves or a family member with a gift to a charity in the future. No matter what charitable goals you have, the Ziebold Law Group can advise you and aid in the creation of a plan that will benefit your family and the charitable activities that you want to support.

Asset Protection—Often clients who work in industries that generate large amounts of liabilities are concerned about their personal assets. Doctors, lawyers, dentists, business owners, and others may be concerned about one lawsuit wiping out their personal wealth. While a person or couple can cover themselves with an insurance policy against these types of lawsuits, often they cannot obtain enough coverage to eliminate this worry completely. Based on this, people look for ways to protect their homes, retirement savings, or even operating businesses. The Ziebold Law Group is able to help you evaluate your current potential for lawsuits and develop a comprehensive and completely legal plan to protect your assets to the greatest extent possible.

Tax Planning—Everyone wants to reduce their tax liability. Whether a client has an operating business that has too much profit near the end of a calendar year or an estate that is going to pass to their heirs, tax considerations cover all different phases of life. When doing estate planning, estate taxes (taxes on transfers at death to the next generation), gift taxes (lifetime transfer taxes), and generation skipping transfer taxes (taxes either during life or at death that go to recipients more than one generation younger than the donor), are all major concerns. The Ziebold Law Group is able to work with individuals, couples, business owners, and their financial advisors to find additional ways of reducing their overall tax burden. Especially with regard to estate taxes, even very large estates can avoid a majority of these types of taxes if a client starts planning early enough in life.

Business Succession Planning—Entrepreneurs often spend too much time focusing on their business activities and not enough time planning for the business itself. In many situations, there will be no clear business succession plan in place. In order to ensure that the business continues on for many generations, it is important to work with a team of advisors to implement a succession plan. Some clients may want one of their children to run the business while others will want all of their children to play a part. It is also not uncommon to pass a majority percentage of a business to a key employee that the owner wants to keep involved in the business after he or she passes away. No matter what your situation is, the Ziebold Law Group can help you keep the business running for the benefit of your family and for all of your employees as well.

Probate and Trust Administration—When a client has recently lost a loved one, the estate will have to either go through the state’s probate process if they did not have a trust or just did a will, or the requirements of the trust will have to be followed if they did trust planning during their lifetime. Typically a family will be grieving and will not want to focus their energy on all of the legal processes that are necessary at the death of a loved one. We can help you fulfill all of those requirements and take the burden off of the family during your time of healing.

Clients regularly have unique needs and situations that do not neatly fit within any of the above categories. Many clients engage the Ziebold Law Group with various needs from various legal engagements in the beginning to developing a comprehensive team of advisors. It is a goal of the Ziebold Law Group to set up a client in the optimal matter for their immediate legal needs and for the long term benefits that come with working with a team of advisors.


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